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Welcome to the new Toto Silver Jewellery website

silver jewellery pendantWhat we have collected here is a lovely group of jewellery all categorised for your ease of browsing ranging from earrings to pendants to necklaces as well as bangles.

Inside these main categories you will see smaller articles that we hope will catch your interest.  For example, we have the pendant category and inside you can see a range of heart pendants with some information and details on the separate pieces that are available.

So, just what can you expect to find inside these pages?  Well, I’m glad you asked because we have pages on a wide range of jewellery subjects and a sample are:

But that is not all because we’ve been busy and we’ve recently added more about our favourite topic – we’ve got pages as well on…

Currently, the latest page we added was the one for amber and I have to say that it was a pleasure to do this one.  I must admit that I am a fan of the naturally precious stone because it has a certain warmth about it that a lot of other stones just don’t have.  When set in silver and complementing an already nice outfit it adds that certain something to the overall effect.  As it’s a natural material, no two pieces of amber are identical and there are a myriad of colours categorised (generally) into cognac (amber), green, cherry (a deep red) and also more unusual colours such as yell and a milky white colour.

Is there something else that you’d like us to write about?  Then go to our contact us page and send in that request – or just say hello!

All in all, I hope you enjoy what you find here and if not, let us know and we shall do our best to find just what you want.